Road and Bridge Design

iGET holds TXDOT pre-certifications for Route Studies & Schematic Design, Major and Minor Roadway Design.  iGET Services provides client focused and responsive engineering services to improve surface transportation needs. Our services include comprehensive design, construction oversight and project management for all types of roadway and paving projects for new construction, rehabilitation, widening and reconstruction of roads.

Storm Drainage and Flood Control

iGET provides expertise for hydrology & hydraulics studies, storm drainage system design – watershed modeling, preparing drainage maps, site grading, detention, and storm sewer design.

iGET provides flood control planning, and creek’s hydraulic characteristic, channel design, impact studies, backwater and floodplain modeling, and attaining required 404 permitting

Water, Wastewater Systems

iGET services team is fully equipped to design end-to-end Water Supply and Conveyance Systems to implement earth-friendly, cost-effective, and successful projects.  Our expertise spans the design activity of lake intakes structures, pipelines, and pumping stations.  We take up design, and support construction activities for Water Treatment Plant (WTP) facilities, pump stations, lift stations, storage tanks, and water lines.

We are fully equipped to provide Wastewater Collection, Conveyance and Treatment Facilities design. We provide cost-effective design, and support construction activities for- biosolids treatment and disposal facilities, wastewater pump stations, lift stations, chemical metering stations, storage tanks, force mains, and sewer lines.

Environmental Investigations

iGET Services engineers perform environmental site assessment Phase I and Phase II investigations in accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM Designation: E1527-05). General tasks included field exploration, laboratory data validation, and engineering analysis.

We also perform Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) and Lead-Based Paint (LBP) inspection, sampling, and analyses in accordance with the rules as written by the Texas Department of State Health Services. We provide estimated costs to remediate ACM and LBP during remodeling or demolition.