Hydrology & Hydraulics, Flood Control and
Storm Drainage System Design

iGET engineers provide expert help for addressing drainage problems, storm system capacity issues and flooding. We bring expertise with all applicable H&H software for impact analysis, tools and processes for site grading, cut and fill calculations, perform overland flow analysis, ponding analysis, inlet design and sizing, trunk line sizing, and laterals; design of detention system, interconnections and discharge to outfalls.

Our service offerings for storm drainage and detention projects extend to all phases of activities, starting from prioritization of design, pre-engineering, final design, and to construction oversight.

Flood Control

  • Flood Mitigation Planning
  • Hydrology & Hydraulics
  • EPA-SWMM, HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS Analysis 
  • ChannelDesign, Channel Restoration

Storm Drainage

  • Drainage Capacity Analysis
  • Detention Analysis and Design
  • Storm Sewer Design & Rehab
  • Storm Water Management Permitting
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans