Road & Bridge Design

Streets and Roads

iGET engineers bring extensive experience to address surface transportation needs. We are well versed with all applicable softwares, tools and processes for roadway designs. We use Microstation Power Geopak to work in Projectwise environment, as well as AutoCAD environment.  We strive to work in a collaborative setting with all stake holders of the projects to address the functional needs, and bring in optimal solutions.

Our service offerings to improve surface transportation needs cover the areas of project management, engineering design, and construction oversight. We are fully setup to address all types of roadway and paving projects in both rural and urban settings.

  • Roadway Design
  • Street Rehabilitation Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Traffic and Intersection Studies
  • Signing and Striping Plans
  • Traffic Signal and Tower Design
  • Preliminary Engineering Report Preparation
  • Layout and Geometry Design for Paving Projects
  • Grading and Cross Sections for Paving projects
  • Preparation of Engineering Drawings