PTP Office Building Design

Houston, Texas

iGET is the Engineer of Record for the structural design of the 36,000 SFT Steel Office Building for Piping Technologies Products, Inc. in Houston.

The Structural Steel Building design utilized 3D Modeling in STAAD Pro. and Autodesk platforms. The foundation design consisted of drilled pier and bell footings system with grade beams. Steel framing was designed with Main Wind Force Resisting System, composite floor on steel deck with studs and reinforced concrete, bar joists, roofing, exterior and interior walls, stairways, and elevator supporting structural systems. The 2-story office building had a design requirement to provide a clear span of 98 ft. for a part of the building in the first floor.

iGET provided the structural design, prepared construction drawings, steel fabrication details, and coordinated permitting process with the City of Houston.