Natural Stable Channel Design with Bio-Technical Slope Stabilization

Harris County Flood Control District, White Oak Bayou

Prime Consultant for the Design of HCFCD 125-00-00-X07

  • Natural Stable Channel Design (NSCD) for 3,600 ft of channel is being accomplished by performing
    • Geomorphic stream conditions assessments, and the watershed characterization
    • Flow analysis, and detailed study of the terrain where erosion failures are evident
    • Geotech assessments for consolidation, rapid drawdown, and slope stability for the design flows
    • Tailored use of bent weirs, bio-logs, mac-mat, e-rap, soil nails and deep-anchors for erosion control
    • Low-Impact-Design using Bio-Stabilization technique and earth reinforcement with geo-grid in the upstream stretch
    • Traditional Riprap design and Gabions for stabilizing the upper banks of the selective Natural Stable Channel sections.
  • Existing ROW and the encroachments are being addressed to optimize the channel configuration