Intersection Improvement

Harris County, Roads and Bridges

  • iGET is the Prime Consultant for Designing the Intersection Improvements of Clay Rd at Greenhouse Rd, in Harris County Pct-3, Houston, TX.  The intersection at ClayRd and GreenhouseRd was one of the busiest that needed capacity improvement, as well as ADA compliant features.
    • Installed dual left-turn lanes from Greenhouse Rd to Clay Rd, a right turn lane from Clay Rd into Greenhouse Rd, and extended storage lanes in all directions.
    • Addressed closing the median openings, modifying the pavement, and providing ADA compliant ramps in the vicinity of the intersection.
    • Provided alternative drainage design along the Clay Rd due to closing the swale
    • Provided signal redesign for 2 sets, replacing the existing 3-section signal with a 5-section right-turn overlap signal head, and replacing 4-section Left-turn signal with two 3-section left-turn signal heads.
    • Addressed existing utility relocations, and signal pole relocation
    • Released construction plans
    • Provided bid support
    • Addressed RFI’s in the construction phase
    • Provided as-built plans and supported the project close out